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    Error in Exporting iMovie
    Hi all. I've done my usual troubleshooting steps, and Googled this problem, but to no avail. Someone out there must know the answer!

    I'm trying to export my iMovie 11 project in 720p. I'm not a fan in the least of iMovie, but I can't get Final Cut to run (running Lion, won't install the PowerPC based apps), so I'm stuck for the time being.

    At any rate- this is the error message I'm getting...

    The movie could not be exported because an error occurred. (Not enough room in heap zone / )

    I've tried rebooting, rebooting in safe mode, not running any other program etc. I can export the movie as a 'Large Movie' using the presets, but I want the higher quality and the video was shot in HD so I'd like it to export that way.

    I'm running on a Macbook Pro, late 2011 model. It's got a 2.3 GHz i5, 8GB RAM and 90GB free on a 320GB hard drive.

    Any thoughts?

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    Error in Exporting iMovie
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    Not come across the problem myself, however, the following seems to have worked for some over on the Apple Discussions site:

    THIS FIXED THE PROBLEM FOR ME: Use iMovie to "Export Quicktime", set to Apple Intermediate Codec at 1080. I then open this movie in Quicktime Player, and Export. This export works, and is H.264 1080.

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    In order to export ANY video, OS X needs *tonnes* of free disk space on the boot drive. Does your boot drive have *lots and lots and lots* of free disk space available?

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