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    audio help in imovie hd
    I'm working on a video project and i'm having difficulty smoothing audio level between muliple clips. For example, we have a lot of interior automobile shots in a old vw beetle and we are trying to smooth out the sound of the engine without effecting the dialog. Any suggestions?

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    audio help in imovie hd
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    You'll need to export the audio and try to reduce the noise. Don't expect a miracle with an engine.

    To export the sound, use the QuickTime expert share mode. Deselect video and steaming and set the audio to PCM, the rate to 48Khz, and the sample size to 16 bit.

    Try Audacity which seems to have such an option.

    Reimport the new audio file, which should still have the settings I mentioned above. Oh, I think unchecking the audio flag to the right of the video track will disable the old track.
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