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    TV Streaming Solutions?

    Not exactly sure if this post is in the right place, so please move it if it is not. Thanks!

    What I am trying to is come up with a solution where instead of streaming current episodes of shows on my computer, somehow I want to be able to do it through my TV when i want. This frees up my computer while watching a show, as I'm not really one to sit there and fully watch certain shows. I like to be doing something productive during them. As well, it is better to view then.

    My two ideas are somehow setting up a DVR. Which I do not want to spend a couple hundred on a DVR and I have no extra computer lying around to make into a HTPC or anything like that unfortunately. I don't like doing one through cable, because I hear you can't take the shows off the box, which would be frustrating to me.

    I thought about using PlayOn with my Wii, but that is only for Windows I believe... so that may be out unless I put Windows 7 on my computer.

    I tried a program called ted which I guess sets up a schedule for your bittorrent to get the episodes you need. Sometimes I am a few episodes behind so instead of hulu I have to go to tvduck or sidereel etc. Overall it is just frustrating, definitely since a lot of the shows are from megavideo.

    Basically I own a Wii, Western Digital WDTV (not the live one), and a macbook. I'm guessing I can't really do it with my current hardware, but I thought i'd ask here to see if I am missing anything or am not understanding something right. Cheapest options are what i'm looking for.

    Qua Sar

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    Any ideas?

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