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    i5 imac/4GB RAM vs. i7 imac/8GB RAM for final cut pro
    I am purchasing my first mac computer. The main use of the computer will be to use final cut pro for video editing of hdv. I am debating between the imac quad-core, 2.8GHz Intel Core i5, 4 GB RAM, which is in stock with my local apple dealer and can be picked up right away, or upgrading to the 2.93GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 and 8 GB RAM. This is a custom order and will take about 2 weeks to deliver.
    I am new to both final cut and mac so I am not really sure if the upgrade is needed. I am told that the i7 processor runs about 27% faster than the i5 and I could save quite a bit of time 'processing' the video with the i7. However, someone else had told me that i5 imac with 4 GB RAM is more than adequate to run final cut pro, so I wonder if the upgrade really makes a difference.
    Is it worth the extra cost and waiting time for delivery (2 weeks) for the upgrade to the i7 processor and/or 8 GB RAM? Is there any appreciable difference in time running final cut pro on an i5 imac with 4GB RAM vs. i7 imac with 8GB RAM?

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    i5 imac/4GB RAM vs. i7 imac/8GB RAM for final cut pro
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    I couldn't give a direct comparison between those 2 Macs I'm afraid. But I've got an iMac 2.66GHz Core 2 duo with 4GB RAM (see profile) and have used final cut studio on it. There hasn't been much lag at all to be honest. But I'd say having an i5 quad core processor at 2.8 GHz is more than sufficient. I haven't had bad lag at all with mine. So quad core should have no problems.
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    i5 imac/4GB RAM vs. i7 imac/8GB RAM for final cut pro
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    I've used Final Cut Pro on my MacBook Pro 15" Core2Duo 2.8GHz with 4GB RAM and even this dosn't give much lag if any most times

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