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    FCP6 Scratch Disc Question
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    FCP6 Scratch Disc Question
    For the job I'm working right now, I'm required to capture media on a different computer than the one I edit on at home. When I do, I capture all the media to my external hard drive, which is set up as a back-up scratch disc on my main computer.

    Now my question is, when I get to my computer, and hook up my external, how would I go about moving all the captured data from my external (the secondary, back-up scratch disc) to my main scratch disc on MacPro? Is it as simple as copying and pasting the files between individual the "Capture Scratch" folders?

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    FCP6 Scratch Disc Question
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    You don't even need to copy and paste. First just open up both drives in finder, drag from one to the other (it will copy it unless you say otherwise), then open up FCP and import those files and set your scratch discs.

    You are now good to go.
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