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    Mac Mini Newb here dvd player fullscreen question...
    I know you old schoolers are tired of us switchers..Or maybe not I dont know. BUT...ON my Mini, I play a dvd on my 20 inch. widescreen dell monitor through DVI plug, and it wont fill the screen. The letterbox only goes to about 1.5 inches of either side of the display. This is in fullscreen. Is it because my resolution only is at 1680x1050 (monitor highest)? I lowered it thinking it would enlarge but it didnt.

    Maybe this is all I will get? The 32mb vid wont support higher?

    Anyway guys and gals sorry for the bother,


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    Mac Mini Newb here dvd player fullscreen question...
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    it your settings

    go to DVD player>preferences>full screen and set default viewer size to maximum

    see the picture
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