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    Burning DVD W/ Toast

    I am attempting to burn a VIDEO_TS folder (created in DSP) using Toast Titanium (v6.05). When I drage the file into the VIDEO tab and attempt to burn I get a "format not valid" error.

    I can copy DVD's that have been burned w/ DSP. I also noticed this problem once I upgraded to v6 of Toast.

    Any thoughts?

    thanks in advance,


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    Did you select the UDF tab option in toast? You need to burn DVDs under that for them to work correctly.

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    Found it, thanks. Took me awhile, seems a bit odd that they would have that option listed in the DATA tab instead of the Video tab.

    Thanks again.


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    The contents of the VIDEO_TS folder is more like data than a video file, so that's my guess what they put it there.

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