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    iMovie to DVD w/out iDVD

    I don't have iDVD. What other ways are there to get my iMovie to a DVD? I have a DVD burner with Dragon Burn software but I'm looking for a program , preferably shareware(try it out before buying), to get my iMovie to the DVD.

    ps. I'm new to the forum, but have been reading several posts. Looks like a great place. :cool:

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    iMovie to DVD w/out iDVD
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    welcome to the forums.
    I think you can export your imovie project as a quicktime movie, or mpg. all you need is to get it into mpg format. if you export and get a .mov, use another app to convert to mpg, then use toast and burn it in the video tab.

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    You need to make sure you have a mpg-2 file and also a correspoding separate audio file, normally .aiff. You can use DVD Studio Pro to mux (combine) the two together and create a Video_TS folder which you then burn using Toast's UDF format option. To get your mpg-2 and .aiff files I suggest Compressor or Cleaner.

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