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    Splitting .dv files & transferring files to a new computer
    I am importing about 30 Hi8 tapes using a Canopus 300. I have a few questions and would appreciate an answer to any of them.

    1) If all of the .dv files are imported into iMovie 08 and stored on an external drive, can I plug the external drive into a different computer running iMovie 08 and edit the files? Or will they have to be reimported to the new computer?

    2) From the forums it seems that iMovie cannot split or trim the underlying .dv file, and I have to use MPEG Streamclip. I have been doing this, but does anyone know if Final Cut Studio can split/trim the underlying .dv file?

    3) Is there a way to bypass iMovie 08 importing the file (creating thumbnails, etc.) and have it just store the .dv file, so that I can cut it up using MPEG Streamclip and THEN import the divided clips?


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    Splitting .dv files & transferring files to a new computer
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    1. I believe iMovie and FCP are capable of leaving the file on the drive. The iMovie default might be to copy into its own environment. Check the preferences.

    2. I don't think so.

    3. Not that I know of. But you have FCP, which does not make thumb nails. An alternative is to use iMovie HD which also does not make thumb nails and is a free download for you. iMHD will the the files into the project folder.
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