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    Mounting Ext2 or Ext3 partitions?

    I was wondering if there was any way of mounting an ext2 partition?

    trying to mount it straight on gave me this:
    /Volumes root# mkdir LINUX_HOME
    /Volumes root# mount /dev/disk0s7 LINUX_HOME 
    /dev/disk0s7 on /Volumes/LINUX_HOME: Incorrect super block.
    is there an ext2 module or something? And yes, I do have a fully functional debian system on my powerbook, too.

    Thx all for your time!

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    of course! after googleing for hours I decide on a post and seconds later I find a possible solution!

    *tries it now*

    well - maybe this helps some others as well.

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    tested and it works like a charm

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