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    Mail Problems sending attachments to PC
    I am having problems sending attachments to PCs. This problem has only just started to happen - first the files were embedded but now the attachments show as an X when sent to a PC. I haven't changed anything in the Mail program so I don't know exactly what is happening. If I send the files using webmail then the files go without any problems and even show up as attachments. I have been creating jpegs using AI and thought that that may be a problem but I since have made the jpegs from Photoshop and that didn't work. I used to send Photoshop jpegs all the time without problems. If any one has any ideas as to what I can try I would appreciate it.


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    Mail Problems sending attachments to PC
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    Are you sending these jpegs to a new user or have you sent to the same people before with no problems

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    I have been sending to same people as well as my own pc to test.

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    If you have not fixed this by now, try changing the name of the attachment file you are sending by closing up the spaces between the words. I know it sounds implausible, but it worked when I had the same problem.

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    I have just migrated to Mac and am having the same problem sending attachments. Which words do you mean about closing them up?

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    Mail Problems sending attachments to PC
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Myles View Post
    I have just migrated to Mac and am having the same problem sending attachments. Which words do you mean about closing them up?
    Click on the name beneath the .jpg icon, wait one second, and then click the name again. It should highlight, after which use the arrow and Delete keys to remove any spaces between letters. Be sure not to remove the .jpg suffix though.

    Another thing you can try is to place the underline/underscore character between letters eg. my_pic.jpg.

    When a Win friend repeatedly failed to receive attachments I sent, I changed the pic format to .png, and for some reason that cured the problem. That might work for you.

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    jpgs to win machines fixed; I think
    I am using 10.5.6 and mail 3.5

    I recently had a complaint from one of my clients that he could not save a jpg I sent him. I tested this myself and found that indeed, the photo was embedded into the message and all I could select was and read heaps of posts.

    Yes, I have windows friendly attachments set.
    Yes, I have attach at bottom set
    No, I don't use photoshop

    I have found that setting mail to only send as plain text leaves jpg's as attachments and when in rich text it embeds the jpg into the message and windows cannot save it.

    My way of thinking is that if you attach something, you are attaching it, not embedding it.

    It looks to me like a flaw in mail 3.5 not a windows issue as may people imply.

    Hope this helps some of you


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    Mail Problems sending attachments to PC
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    zip it and send it. personally I prefer zipped attachments anyway
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    Talking 2 years later... The solution.
    Just remove the choice "Friendly windows attachments", interestingly it will send the images as attachments instead of inline. Just had this problem with a client, this solution worked.

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    Not a very good answer, but turning OFF "rich text" did the trick. Personally, I don't like sending email as plain text, so I'm not happy about this solution. I hope this is fixed in the near future.

    But, having photos inline in the email is more terrible so I'll live with this solution for the time being.

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