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    Logic 8 slow after 10.5.2 update
    Hey there.
    Yesterday i updated my system to 10.5.2
    (macbook core 2 duo 1.83ghz 2 gb ram)
    After that, logic 8(and garageband) are taking more than 5 mins to load a project. (beachball for 5 mins more or less)
    Updated my logic to 8.0.1 from software update.
    Nothing Happened. Reinstalled, nothing.
    Disabling my AU, still nothing.
    Anyone knows if it is a known bug? Any solutions?
    thanks in advance

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    Logic 8 slow after 10.5.2 update
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    Not seen anything, but I can tell you Logic 7 seems unaffected.
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    i also did the ilife application support and still nothing...any ideas?

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    Logic 8 slow after 10.5.2 update
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    It is happening to me with Garageband as well (I don't have logic). It takes about 90 to 120 seconds for me.

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