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    Fetch and Win-Mac file transfer issues
    1) First off, Fetch (4.0.2) hasn't worked a darn since I got my new iMac. I can't upload or download 10 files without getting an error (misc. errors) and having to quit and restart Fetch. And I have the same problem using Dreamweaver FTP, which gives me the impression that the problem's with the OS. This happens with a number of Web servers -- so it's not the Web server. Any ideas?

    2) When I download a Web site using WSFTP on my Win2k machine, and transfer the Web files to a Zip disk and then move the files to my iMac, the Mac OS changes all or many of the files to ALL-CAPS!!!??? Why???

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    Fetch and Win-Mac file transfer issues
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    Hmm... this is news to me, fetch works quite well for me...
    Its probly a sily error..

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    Problems solved. I reformatted my Zip -- no file name problems.

    It was suggested that I download an FTP app called Transmit. I did -- works great -- I downloaded nearly 100 files without a hitch. Fetch was my workhorse for years, but performed miserably in OSX -- I couldn't download 10 files without an error. Same problem with FTPing with DW MX.

    Transmit is awesome -- I will gladly pay the $25 purchase price.

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    Fetch and Win-Mac file transfer issues
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    Yes, I liked Transmit when I tried it out. Another really good one is Captain FTP. I almost registered that one, but don't have the spare dough at the moment.

    But I use mostly shell to do all my web based stuff. Works really good, and it is pretty fast. Just gotta know what you're doing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emrys
    Yes, I liked Transmit when I tried it out.
    Kind of answers the question I came here with.

    I've been using Transmit at work for 3-4 years now, and I was wondering what FTP client I should use at home with my OSX set-up.

    Think I'll download Transmit tonight.


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