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    Two Library Directories?

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    Two Library Directories?
    When I had my macbook pro swapped out at the Apple store, the clerk helped me move my pertinent information to my new macbook. He did it in quite a hurry and I didn't quite catch everything he was doing. I think he moved the old Library (from the old macbook) directory to the new Macbook, because I have two of them on my new machine... one directly underneath the Macintosh HD directory and one under the System directory. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to have both of these? If I'm not supposed to have one of these, how could I delete the extraneous one and in turn free up some space? Thanks.

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    Two Library Directories?
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    No no no! Yes you do need both of those.

    You actually have 3... one under YOUR user folder, the one on the root HD directory, and the one in the System Folder.

    The System's Library contains things used by all users, but it is supposed to be untouchable (i.e. "safe"). It's the stuff that Apple provides, like the Preference Panes in the System Preferences. The root Library is basically for 3rd-party stuff that is meant to be accessible to all users. Your library is for 3rd-party stuff, personal preferences, and whatnot that is limited to your account.

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