I can usually find what I need to know by searching, but so far this problem hasn't been so easy to solve.

I want to disable the built in iSight camera in my Macbook Pro (C2D) via software instead of some unsightly tape. I'm aware of the possibility of a rootkit or other malicious software being able to override a software lockout, but in truth if the software was able to get that far I might have bigger problems.

This is partly to keep it from being used via iChat and other software unintentionally. I am forgetful sometimes and I wouldn't want to subject others to my morning face, before I shower, by mistake.

I have tried to remove the following from the system followed by a reboot, but the camera is still usable in iMovie and in "System Preferences -> Accounts -> Edit Picture -> Take a video snapshot":


when removing that did not work I tried to remove the entire folder:


in the end I removed all of the following:

/System/Library/QuickTime/QuickTimeUSBVDCDigitizer.component/ (the entire folder)

but this still does not disable the built in iSight even after rebooting the system.

I am really out of ideas on what could possibly be keeping it enabled, but I hope someone here has some ideas.