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    Problems connecting to Samba Server
    Ok, I beg you dont flame me! - I know I have posted problems on this before.

    I just felt that I might get a better response if I post a more detailed description.

    Here goes!

    I am trying to share files between my Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X.

    Ubuntu is running on VMWARE - (Virtual Machine).

    I have installed Samba -

    Created a samba password using:
    sudo smbpasswd -a <username>
    The username I used was Shane. So I typed:

    sudo smbpasswd -a shane
    I then added this user to the smbusers file:

    sudo vi /etc/samba/smbusers
    This is the format I entered it in:

    administrator = "shane"
    I assume the above maps the ubuntu user "administrator" to the samba user Shane?

    For testing purposes I am using the password "support"

    I have configured the shared home directories as expected.

    On the mac:

    Finder -> GO -> Connect to server
    I enter the details in the image below.

    Then there is a pause when connecting like so:

    I am then presented with this window:

    I change the fields (using the password "support") like so:

    I click connect and this is what I get :

    If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate hearing them.
    If anyone has spotted that I have done something wrong it would be a great help to point it out.

    I think I should add that I am using Ubuntu Server with no GUI (Command Line Only).

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    Try adding the name of one of your Samba shares after smb:// Another thing to check is that you have added "MSHOME" to Directory Access and SMB/CIFS configuration. Directory Access can be found in your Utilities folder.

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