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    Apple+C doesnt work anymore
    Hey all
    just recently my apple c doesnt work anymore. i cant copy text but using the short cut key. the only thing i did recently was uninstall all multilingual stuff i never use. All the other commands work like apple x.
    Also, my typing has been lagging. Specially in mozilla lately. I cant type fast without the keyboard not catching up.


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    Apple+C doesnt work anymore

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    If you mean Mozilla Firefox, have you tried quitting Firefox and restarting it? Firefox has a memory leak and will eventually start to use high amounts of memory, sometimes you just have to quit and restart it.

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    Apple+C doesnt work anymore
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    that happend to me as well, i was unable to copy or cut text from any app, it was even greyed out in the menu bar. I just restarted my mac and it was fixed.

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