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    Admin password
    My friend cant get into her computer she cant remember her admin pass word how do you get around this.

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    Welcome jazzman.

    This has been discussed many times. The following link will take you to a thread that was about 15 threads below yours in this same forum: recover from lost password, reinstall osX.

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    Admin  password
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    Just happened to come across this...but this will only work assuming you can log in via auto login.


    We've all done this.* It's time to install something or run Software Update, but first we've got to enter our password. What was it again? Oops.

    You can reset your password with the CD (or DVD) that came with your Mac, but if you don't have it, try this tip from Hackszine. Restart your machine while holding down the Command Key (or "Apple Key") and the "S" key. This will start your Mac up in "Single User Mode."

    Now it's command line time.** Don't worry, it's just three lines:
    #sh /etc/rc
    #passwd yourusername
    Ta-dah! You may return to what you were originally doing. Just write that new password down first.

    *Well, not us, but, you know...our "friend."

    [via tuaw][via lifehacker]

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