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Thread: Acting strange

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    Acting strange
    my iMac is suddenly acting really strange.
    It started with my MSN signing me out everytime I xed out someones conversation.
    Now my photos from Photoshop in the Dock wont open! No matter what I try..
    It will randomly x me out of programs, which is super annoying if I forget to save.
    yeah and I just tried typing to my friend on MSN, and I typed one word, then everytime I typed a letter, it replaced the last one, so it was like "yes e" if I was writing "Yes Ashlee" or something
    ..Any idea of what could fix this ?

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    Mmmm well the whole MSN exiting is happening to me too, Did you download Safari 3 beta because thats why mine was stuffing up, if you are try downloading safari 3 again once you have downloaded it open it and click the uninstall button this will restore it to the old but more stable Safari and should fix those problems!

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    Acting strange
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    i thought 10.5 was leopard ? are you rinning leopard or tiger ?

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    Tiger xD haha, maybe its 10.4 then, I just guessed

    Oh yeah, I did download Safari 3 beta.. I ll try that

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