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    Error Code- 1309
    I researched this error after i had it appear when i was transferring a 6.5 gb file to my External HDD. It seems that Fat 32 can only transfer up to 4 gb at once or per file.

    So heres my question, is there anyway around this? Can i split the file then put them together once they are on the drive?

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    Error Code- 1309
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    I know this may not be helpful, but I receive the same error trying to expand an archived file that is just over 4gb using the latest version of Stuffit Expander.

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    Error Code- 1309
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    Not with FAT32.

    Four GB is just a limitation that cannot be worked around. You can split files for the sake of storage, but they will need to be reconnected on a HFS+ volume to be used.

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    Error Code- 1309
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    The 4GB file limit is one of those great decisions that sometimes get made. 4GB limit on file size? Surely nobody would ever have a single file that big??

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