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    Do I have this right for how to safely reinstall an OS?

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    Do I have this right for how to safely reinstall an OS?
    I am on my 2nd MBP. For this computer, I just copied the old hard drive and by now, over the accumulation of time and apps, I have a MBP whose kernel task is sometimes running hundreds of threads, and I got the advice to just do a clear reinstall and bring back apps one by one.

    I'm going to do that and want to know the safest way to. My thinking is:

    1 - Make a Disc Image backup of my computer
    2 - Install Catalina
    3 - Install via Mac Store and appsites any apps I have
    4 - Copy over Documents and Photos
    5 - Open the old disc image and copy the contents of itunes into the new one.

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    Do I have this right for how to safely reinstall an OS?
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    Couple of thoughts. Catalina has no iTunes, so that step is both not needed and probably impossible to do. You did not say what OS you are currently running, nor what kind of hard drive you have, nor what model MBP you have, so running Cataliina may or may not be a good idea for you. Also, Catalina does not support 32-bit apps, so you might want to check for those before you move to Catalina.

    Assuming all is well, your steps should work. In step 4, your plan to copy pictures (I assume that is what you meant, rather than the app Photos) should work, then you can import them into Photos just find. For the iTunes stuff, you can import the music into Music (a new Apple App in Catalina), then you can backup your iPhone (if you have one) through Finder instead of iTunes. If your pictures are just files, you can directly import them from the external into Photos. If they are in iPhoto or Photos now, you should be able to copy the database from wherever it is to wherever you want it to be on the new system, then point to it in Photos/Preferences.

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