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    Importing an image in to signature - Mac Mail
    When I drag a .png file onto the preview pane - I see the file, not the image.
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    Importing an image in to signature - Mac Mail
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    I may be misinterpreting your problem; but if you have a png file, have you tried double-clicking on it? This usually opens the png file automatically in Preview.

    It has always worked that way for me. Dragging it onto Preview does work, but not always.

    Of course, the png file could be corrupted.

    It might help if you told us which Mac you have and its Operating System (OS).


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    Importing an image in to signature - Mac Mail
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    Right/Ctrl click on the file and chose "View In Place".

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    Importing an image in to signature - Mac Mail
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    I dragged a JPG and PNG to the Preview window when editing the signature and in both cases the image showed up, not the file. Try what MightyGem suggests and see if that resolves it for you.

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    I am not getting the option to view in place when I ctrl/right click. Am running Catalina on a 2015 MBP.
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