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    Can I prevent Mail from opening?

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    Can I prevent Mail from opening?
    On some forums I use, some key combinations launch Mail. This is REALLY irritating to me, since I don't use the app at all, and because I can't force quit it or escape (it opens to a choose your mail app dialog).

    I don't think I can safely remove Mail?

    Once upon a time some OS versions ago (now I'm on Catalina on a MacBook Air), there was a little script or something which while not preventing Mail from opening would force-close it immediately. Anyone know this?

    Other ideas? This bugs the hell out of me when it happens, totally ruins the flow of what I'm typing.

    HELP! t'anks

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    Can I prevent Mail from opening?
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    I think what you're saying is that a certain key combo you use opens a new email dialog from the Apple Mail app?

    Since you can not remove the Apple Mail app, your choices are not to use those key combos or look for an Apple Script to close the Mail app.

    Try this:

    Applescript to quit an application - Apple Community

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