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    Unable to get fs for /macOS installer data

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    Unable to get fs for /macOS installer data
    Hello all, A couple of days ago I booted up my 2012 Macbook Pro like normal and got the folder with the question mark. I googled and came up to the conclusion that my HD went out. I went out and purchased a new Samsung 500gb SSD and 2 4GB sticks of ram. I installed everything. I then went to apple support and learned how to make a bootable USB to install MacOS. I had El Cap before my computer crashed so I thought id start with that. I was able to install but It was running painfully slow. I would click on something and it would literally take 3 minutes to execute that command. I thought id try High Sierra, Mountain Lion but it would not install. It would take hours and hours and the loading bar would not move. I found a way to download a bootable Catalina OS
    and when istalling it I get " unable to get fs for /macOS installer data. I have tried everything I can think of... Im not a genius with computers but I know a bit. What does that error mean and is there anything else I can try?

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    Unable to get fs for /macOS installer data
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    Welcome to our forums.

    Our recommendation is whenever you replace the drive in your model machine that you also replace the SATA cable. Sometimes a worn or defective cable will cause the symptoms you're experiencing. Also, the exact model 2012 MacBook Pro you have would be helpful. It might be a good idea while you're trying to get the machine back up and running that you stick with El Capitan for now. After things are running normally, you can then attempt to install a later version of macOS.

    Information regarding the cable and how to change it out can be found at iFixit: The Free Repair Manual.

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