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    Windows Terminal
    I recently upgraded to Catalina version 10.15.4. Now I have a new icon in my dock for "terminal" From the internet search I've done this appears to be a Windows developer tool. I don't write code nor would I ever consider myself a developer Can I delete this? If so how do I delete it. Right click on the icon gives me an option to "quit" or I can "show in finder" but I don't think either option deletes the program. Thanks. CJ5

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    Windows Terminal
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    Terminal is integral to macOS, so you can not delete the app. You can Quit the app, then remove it from the dock.
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    Windows Terminal

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ5 View Post
    I have a new icon in my dock for "terminal" From the internet search I've done this appears to be a Windows developer tool. CJ5
    It is not a Windows tool or a developer tool.
    It is the Mac version of a common unix tool. It is for people who want to use unix-style commands on their computer. It's part of what makes MacOS uniquely powerful. Many programs are just a graphical interface to commands available in the Terminal.

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