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    Time Machine won't work
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    Sly, what I found is that the sparsebundle seemed to be "fragile" in the sense that I would get an error message about the file being corrupted, never found a way to fix the corruption, led to starting over, lather-rinse-repeat. Gave up after three restarts in four months. Wasn't the NAS, it works fine for general storage. It was something about TM and NAS together that led to corrupted files. Or SMB, or all three in some combination.

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    Time Machine won't work
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    I agree. I was having similar issues once in a while although it sounds like you were having them more often. In my case the sparsebundle was being saved saved on an external drive attached to a Time Capsule.

    This was in an era when this feature was just being pushed out. It wasn't a huge problem but I stopped backing up that way when my Time Capsule wouldn't recognize attached hard drives anymore.

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