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    Imac 2020. The time machine doesn't work now.
    I've have an imac 2020. The time machine doesn't work now. Is it safe to use disk Utilly to fix it?

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    Imac 2020. The time machine doesn't work now.
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    Not even remotely sure what you are asking. Are you using Disk Utility to fix the iMac or the Time Machine? What doesn't work? What is the backup of?

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    Time machine doesn't work noww I've my external HD. I'm beginner caan I use the first aid to fix it? What do u suggeat? The another man said I would use superduper backup software. What do superduper software?

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    Imac 2020. The time machine doesn't work now.
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    If you know how to run First Aid on your external Time Machine drive, please do so and let us know the result.

    As for SuperDuper, it's cloning software. You can download a copy from here:


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    Imac 2020. The time machine doesn't work now.
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    I think you are saying you have a new iMac 2020. If you have an old Time Machine backup, from an older device (Computer) and you want to restore data from it to your new iMac you will need to use Migration Assistant.

    Have a look at this article. It's a bit old but the process is still much the same. If it works or not may depend on what computer and OS was backed up. How to transfer backups from Time Machine to a new Mac | Macworld

    Let us know what results you get from Disk Utility first.

    PS. Super Duper is an alternative to Time Machine but different in the way it works. I have TM and a Clone copy of my hard drive.
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    Imac 2020. The time machine doesn't work now.
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    A warm welcome to Mac-Forums.

    I am reading your post to mean:

    1. The iMac is working fine.

    2. Time Machine is not working.

    IF, I'm correct with these two statements, then you can do several things.

    A. With Time Machine attached via USB, as I assume it is, you can open Disk Utility (DU). This is found in Finder > Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility (DU)

    Once DU is open, Click on the TM External Hard Drive (EHD) using the Indent rather than the name of the EHD. If you are running macOS High Sierra or higher, you will see something like this:


    In my example, you would click on the indent with the red arrow - you will have different names for your EHD. Now use Disk Utility (DU) to First Aid. It will take time. Be patient. Either it will fix any issues or tell you that it cannot fix things. If fixed, fine. If not, then consider plan B.

    B. With TM attached, and using DU as above, simply Erase the EHD and reformat it Mac OS X Extended (Journaled). Then start a new TM backup.

    Personally, I'd go for plan B - always assuming, as I said at the start, that your iMac is working normally.. I don't trust backups that fail and First Aid is okay if you absolutely must salvage that TM backup, but an Erase/Reformat will clear out everything and give you a clean start.


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    Imac 2020. The time machine doesn't work now.
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    @surfbug, I hope you have read this thread down to here before you took any action. We really can't give valid suggestions until we understand what you are trying to say. There are some major pitfalls you need to be careful about. For example, if you do clone your machine using SuperDuper to that Time Machine drive, there is a possibility that it will erase the Time Machine drive, in which case you lose your data stored there. Even running Disk Utility could cause problems with the TM drive, so I would recommend holding off on that until we really know what it is you are trying to say.

    So, can you be more detailed and explicit in your problem for us? It's better to err by giving too much information than too little.

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