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    Storage > Other
    I have noticed that the Other folder has been taking too much space in my Mac.
    I thought it's just the files I have so I deleted a few then check the storage again and notice that I get some free space.
    Then after a few minutes my mac would notify again that my startup disk is full and when I check my storage the Other folder has consumed the space I have free up from deleting files.
    I think it's a malware or whatever but there's something wrong with my mac storage now.
    I checked the files I have in my mac and emptied my downloads folder, besides the Photo and App folder indicate how much space each have consumed for such files.
    I just can't figure out what's happening with my storage, and now thinking to reset my laptop.

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    Storage > Other
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    Hi jaye270000,

    In order for people to provide useful suggestions, we need some more info. Let's start with:

    1. What model of Mac you've got
    2. What version of OS X / macOS you are running

    Meanwhile, here's a question worth asking: when did you last empty the trash?
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    Storage > Other
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    Also, how big is the drive and how full is it? "Other" is not useless stuff, it's just the data that is not categorized by any of the categories with names. Be careful when you try to reduce the "Other" category as you can make the drive unusable.

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    Storage > Other
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    Do you have Time Machine turned on?
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