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    Recent folder in finder MT
    Is there a way to activate the recent folder in finder using High Sierra 10.13.6?
    when i upgraded last December, the files were there, i did something option wise thinking that was a temporary solution to having 50GB of files as recent ones. I checked on line for a solution to no success.
    thanks in advance!

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    Recent folder in finder MT
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    Have you looked in Finder > Preferences?
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    Recent folder in finder MT
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    i did something option wise thinking that was a temporary solution to having 50GB of files as recent ones
    Sorry if I misunderstand, but what does that mean? The Recents folder is a kind of Smart folder where the files are included because of an attribute, not a place to store things. Recents files are identified in the folder because they were recently opened/created/edited. But the Recents folder isn't a unique storage location. The files in the Recents folder are also in the "original" folder where they were all along. So I don't understand what you thought you were doing with whatever the "option" was.

    EDIT: Oh, and files move out of Recents when they are no longer recent, that is, when the attributes no longer match the smart folder definition.

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