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    Mid 2009 Macbook pro OS El Capitan....can I upgrade OS?
    I read somewhere as my Mac is older the latest OS platform I can use is El Capitan, I am currently running ver 10.11.6

    I am starting to find a few apps that wont run on anything under 10.12

    Is it possible for me to update to a new OS or am I stuck with El Capitan?

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    Mid 2009 Macbook pro OS El Capitan....can I upgrade OS?
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    A warm welcome to Mac-Forums. Thank you for your post.

    Officially, El Capitan is as far as you can go.

    There are people who claim to have found ways around this, but you must remember that your MacBook is almost 11 years old - that means the Hard Drive, the processor, graphics, logic board and so on.

    Stressing such a Mac could be breaking point for some of the hardware. I understand fully, that we all have fiscal restraints, but a newer Mac in the 2015/16 region or a refurbished Mac from Apple are, in my view anyway, a better way to go.


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    Mid 2009 Macbook pro OS El Capitan....can I upgrade OS?
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    If you are going to be forced to upgrade due to the apps you need/want to run, it might be time to start thinking about an upgrade. That machine (like my 2009 iMac) is now 11+ years old. So yes, you could go down the route of hacking in a newer version of the OS, but some hardware limitations will make it not an enjoyable experience.

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    My iMac is a 2007 upgraded all the way to El Capitan. My system still runs good for as old as it is. I was a bit put back that I could not upgrade any further or am I able to run Microsoft Edge Browser or install Microsoft Office 2019. I cannot afford another iMac right now and I am missing all the cool programs and new GUi's by not having a new Mac. I do think a refurbished might be the way to go for me. I have only installed a new Hard Drive in 2013..but something else is going to conk out eventually.

    I tried like heck to upgrade with all the tricks and hacks available but as ones have already posted I did or do not want a slower or crashing computer because of the old hardware trying to keep up with the latest Mac OS.

    Great question to ask though. Getting honest answers is valuable.

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    Mid 2009 Macbook pro OS El Capitan....can I upgrade OS?
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    For now you can still run MS Office 2011 (if you can find a copy to purchase) and an older version of the Firefox browser. MS Office 2019 (which I have) is honestly not any better than the 2011 version. The difference is that the 2019 version looks nicer. (big deal) LOL.

    I also have the MS Edge browser running and have to admit it looks nice and is fast. However, it's still a browser.

    The big difference by not being able to upgrade to the latest macOS is less security and safe browsing. Just use common sense computing and you should be okay. And save your $$ for a newer machine.

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    Thank you @chscaq!

    EDITED I am running MS Office 2016 right now and it'll suffice...Yes, Microsoft Edge is just a browser and I am using the latest Firefox and Chrome as well.

    More security is always good...right? I am as protected as I can be. I hope anyways...I am running Malwarbytes & Webroot ...

    Saving for a new Mac is a better idea anyways.
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    Mid 2009 Macbook pro OS El Capitan....can I upgrade OS?
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    I certainly second all that. There are so many changes on the horizon as well. New models and sizes for Mac Books, new processors in 2021 that could change the whole Apple landscape, shared operating systems across all devices etc. If you ask me it's a good time to just wait an see what happens. I just hope my 2015 MBP r can last till the smoke settles.

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