Hi, everybody!

I am Dmitry - I am here to get involved in the Mac professionals community and ask for your professional advice. Please, do not treat the message as a promotion. What I really need is your feedback. The matter is that my company, Paragon Software, has just released a new app for Mac - open-source firewall. And the key peculiarity of this simple app is that it's been built upon the newest Apple NetworkExtension framework. I'd be grateful for your discussion and questions for my development team during the live online workshop, dedicated to the NetworkExtension case study, where we're going to represent the way we've used the latest technology, but not to represent the app itself.

The event takes place on 27 Feb 2020 @ 11-00 a.m. PST and I'd appreciate you could participate and direct me and my teammates. Just for the occasion, here's the link for webinar registration