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    File permissions
    I have two iMacs. 1 is 10.6.8 with some old soft ware I use frequently, the second is 10.14.6.
    Seems the older iMac does not communicate well but has some legacy software that I use on a regular basis.
    It seems that I am constantly transferring files back & forth and permissions have been a issue. How can I have my default permissions set to read & write for all on both machines?

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    File permissions
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    This quick primer on file permissions will explain how to set/read file permissions on Unix-like systems (macOS and Linux fall into that category). The issue you are facing is that your two machines are unique and not connected to each other through a shared domain. That means that even though you have the SAME username/account on both machines, they are subtly different and as logging into one machine use an account doesn't make you that same user on that machine.

    When you transfer files using either network copy or USB drives or whatever, you are doing so as each individual user on each machine and as such the files belong to the user doing the copying and thus you are usually all set.

    Rather than giving access to EVERYTHING on each Mac, you might want to go down the path of setting up a Shared folder that you can access on each Mac. You can follow these instructions to setup File Sharing.

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    File permissions
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    The shared folder is a good idea Raz0r.
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    Thanks raz0r for the link, I was finding solution for the same so didn't create a new thread rather commented on this.

    Sssk Smith

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    File permissions
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    Welcome to our forums.

    Glad that the comments from our Moderator helped you.

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