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    Casual warning - Safari Update 13.0.4 and Security Update
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    Casual warning - Safari Update 13.0.4 and Security Update
    I have just updated my wife's MacBook Pro (macOS Mojave), my iMac (macOS Mojave) and my older iMac macOS (High Sierra) - no problems, but beware:

    In each case, the download was fairly quick (depends on your Internet), but what was a surprise to me was the following:

    1. In each case the download proceeded to a point, after about 10 minutes, where it said "lost contact with server" and in each case re-downloading started the process and completed in minutes.

    2. The Installation involved 4 reboots of the Mac and took, in total, about 35 minutes.

    All is well on all 3 Macs.

    I post this because some folks might get alarmed by the "interrupted download" and even more concerned by the lengthy installation and reboots.

    It's a long time since I encountered this and thought it worthwhile cautioning others to be patient and not to be afraid of the "lost server" message or the longish installation & reboots.

    Of course, my experience might not be yours; but if it is - don't worry

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    Casual warning - Safari Update 13.0.4 and Security Update
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    Hi Folks:

    Just to clarify a bit what Ian reported above:

    There was a Security Update for Mojave (security update #7) that came out this morning. Apparently it was downloaded and installed along with the updates that are mentioned above. The security update is 1.5 GB in length and will take some time to download depending on your download speed.

    The machine will reboot several times which is typical for security updates.

    This update is recommended for everyone running Mojave.


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