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    Using Windows Network Drive off line via VPN
    Hello -

    Looking for some help on having a network drive that was created as a shortcut/alias on the desktop of a MacBook Pro being able to use off site via a VPN (Forticlient VPN). When not connected to the network, the drive states it can not connect or can not reach the server even though the VPN is connected back to the network.

    Any help on having a Windows Network Drive on a Macbook Pro work on a VPN, would be great!


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    Using Windows Network Drive off line via VPN
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    To be able to connect to a networked drive, you need to be on same network as the server. This could be the school network or work network or home network. If you can't connect to that network because of your location, you'll then need to use a VPN to join said network and the connection should be possible.

    So that's the basics.

    Now you mention not connected and yet connected and other things. So explain in excruciating detail what the setup is and how you intend to connect to the drive and so on.

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