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    Great info pm-r, Thank you. I need a recommendation for a new mouse for this mac if you don't mind.

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    mac 10.6.8 on a mac 24"
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    I need a recommendation for a new mouse for this mac if you don't mind.

    Personally, my favourite mouse that I have used for years and still do is a Logitech m705 USB wireless mouse.

    You can often find them on sale in the $30-$40 range.

    I don't do gaming and it is not recommended for gaming. Everyone I have recommended them to are still using them and still very satisfied with them. They have 8 usable buttons if you want, all customizable. 2x AA batteries last for nearly three years and I hardly ever turn my mouse off.

    Like all high DPI mice, make sure you use a good quality mouse pad. My best one so far has been a 3M glossy finish mouse pad product, that I give an occasional light shot of Silicon lube spray and the mouse just glides like it's on smooth silk.

    - Patrick

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    mac 10.6.8 on a mac 24"
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    Quote Originally Posted by kfxx400 View Post
    Great info pm-r, Thank you. I need a recommendation for a new mouse for this mac if you don't mind.
    The most important part for me when it comes to a new mouse is how it feels in my hand.
    I go to a store that has all their mice on display, place my hand on them and see how it feels.
    That alone eliminates most of them for me right away - they don't feel comfortable enough, usually because they are too small.

    As to technology, I think any brand-name mouse will work well unless you have some special requirements for extra buttons or extra speed.
    I prefer a wired mouse over a wireless one simply because I keep misplacing the cordless ones when I suddenly get called away from the Mac.

    I currently use a Logitech MX510 mouse which must be over 10 years old.
    The bottom label is totally worn off, I replaced the mouse cable once for a couple of bucks, but otherise it's working just fine and has the right feel for my hands.

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    Thanks pm-r & krs for the recommendations, Basically my wife uses this mac for browsing/email.We purchased this back in late "08" for our son from the apple refurbished store cause he said he really needed it for schoolwork. I now look back and realized that he could've got by with way less! My wife just continues to use it. A simple but effective mouse is all I need. I will look at both recommendations! Thanks again.

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