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    Backing up Catalina to Carbon Copy Cloner

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    Backing up Catalina to Carbon Copy Cloner
    As I back up to Time Capsule and, every so often, to Time Machine with an external hard disk drive I don't need to back up anything except the OS to Carbon Copy Cloner. CCC Help explains how Catalina has separate APFS Volume Groups with the System being read only to make it less vulnerable to hacker attacks. Does this mean that it is possible just to back up the OS to CCC rather than all the stuff that is already backed up t Time Capsule & Time Machine?

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    Backing up Catalina to Carbon Copy Cloner
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    I don't think you can do this because I think Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) sees the two Volumes as one Group.

    I would also advice that you BU everything anyway, irrespective of your Time Machine backups - why not? In any case, you will need an specific External Hard Drive (EHD) for CCC and it has to be formatted APFS (unlike TM which must, for the moment, be formatted HFS+ irrespective of the source's filing system).

    Here are some links from the Bombich site which explain CCC and Catalina as well as some background info.

    Cloning Catalina with Carbon Copy Cloner | Carbon Copy Cloner | Bombich Software
    Working with APFS Volume Groups | Carbon Copy Cloner | Bombich Software -- from this link, have a look at the paragraph beginning "CCC will automatically convert your HFS+ formatted destination to APFS to support backing up a Catalina+ volume".

    You could also drop a line to Mike Bombich who is always happy to respond.


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