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    Quote Originally Posted by georgelza View Post

    but here is the interesting thing, if I say open outlook, click on the paper clip to attach a file then i see the files I'm talking about.

    So thinking this is a bug or something related to Finder, although saving a screen shot to the desktop, what I see on the desktop (list of files), is that presented via Finder ?

    Apparently this isn't a new problem (see My Downloaded files do not show in Finder - Apple Community). Have you tried rebooting as well?
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    thats the one thing I have not done (been thinking might try), got some downloads running at the moment, will reboot in the morning.

    If not a new problem, interesting that it only manifested locally after the most recent patch.


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    macOS 10.15.1 Catalina now available for download
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    I remember having this issue (or something similar) at work. The IT guys came and ran OnyX, restarted obviously, but it was fixed. This was back on G4 PPC Mac either Tiger or Leopard.
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    ... so i'm reading it probably so difficult for them to reproduce that they haven't fixed it yet either.


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    DO I HAVE to state how much I hate a Microsoft fix (standard fix all action) was needed to fix a problem on MAC....

    Ye a reboot seems to have cleared the problem.


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    At least you didn't have to reformat and reinstall.

    When I worked for the US Feds our regional support staff gave us fifteen minutes to solve a problem with Windows NT. After that we were required to reformat and reinstall from what they called a "ghost" and what I'd call a clone.

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    do remember those clone, reclone, ghost images days.


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