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    Guest User Login not working?
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    Guest User Login not working?
    Today my wife asked if one of our guests could use my laptop to check her back account and emails. I though, sure, she can user the Guest User account.

    This resulted in me spending the next 20 min trying to work out why I could not see the Guest User login on my usual login window. I hadn't really thought about it for a long time and just assumed it would be a setting in System preferences > Users and groups. In fact it did seem to be but it wasn't working. The box next to allow 'guests to log in to this computer' was already ticked.

    I turned on Fast User Switching but under the drop down menu there was no option but my own name.
    Eventually after reading up on the topic and confirming all was as it should be I went back to Users and Groups, unlocked it and unticked the box next to "Allow guests to login to this computer" then ticked it again and voila!
    Now it appeared in Fast User Switching and on the login screen next to my login.

    After she had finished I though I would simply turn it off till the next time I needed it so went to Users and Groups unlocked and to my dismay I could not select the Guest User or bring up any of its options. The reason; the guest had not logged out. Before you can change any settings or indeed turn Guest user off you need to log out from that previous session.
    So go to Guest User vie Fast User Switching, log out from the Apple Menu. This takes you back to your account then you can select and switch off the Guest user option in Users and Groups.
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    Guest User Login not working?
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    Also Rod.... whenever a guest logs off, everything that he or she has done or saved is automatically wiped out. This of course protects you as the administrator of your computer but can be inconvenient for the guest if they were planning on saving something for later.

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