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    too fast with Magic Mouse?
    I seem to click and move my Magic Mouse too fast so, for example, when clicking on a button on a web page I often see the drop down contextual menu that shows "Back, Reload Page, Save Page As, Print Page, Inspect Element".

    I have tried slowing down the mouse Tracking Speed but that has not helped. Is there a way to turn off the access to the drop down?

    macOS Mojave

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    too fast with Magic Mouse?
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    You're probably invoking a gesture at the same time, one that brings up the context menu. Open up the Magic Mouse properties and gestures from System Preferences and see if you can turn that off.

    As an aside, I no longer use my Magic Mouse because I have a lot of difficulty controlling those gestures and the scrolling. I've gone back to a simple USB mouse instead which for me is much easier to control.

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    too fast with Magic Mouse?
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    That's the right-click functionality. In Sys Prefs->Mouse and Point & Click tab, do you have Secondary Click enabled? If you, is it set to "Click on right side". If so, you are clicking more on the right side than the left side and thus the context menu.

    This has nothing to do with how fast you are moving or clicking, but everything to do with where you are clicking on the mouse itself.

    I have this function enabled and tend to keep my pointer and middle fingers on the mouse (left and right side) and will left-click with the pointer finger or right-click with middle finger for the desired action. The primary reason for my 2 finger sitting on the mouse is that I use the two finger swipe function to switch between my countless Spaces as I do my work.

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    too fast with Magic Mouse?
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    Hi Barrygou,

    Nice to see you here again.

    If I'm reading your question correctly, your difficulty is the almost immediate access to the contextual menu?

    Ordinarily, this should only happen with a Right Click. Maybe, with your Mac Mouse, your finger is slipping over to the Right when, in fact, you intend a Left Click.

    This has happened to me on occasion particularly as the surface of the shiny Magic Mouse is so slippy.

    If I'm correct, there is a way to counter this. Go into System Preferences > Mouse > Point & Click and Uncheck the box "Secondary Click". From then on, any click on the Mouse is rated as Left Click. To engage Right Click, use control + click.

    Please tell me if I've misunderstood or if this doesn't help.


    - - - Updated - - -

    Great minds, Ashwin. Posted at exactly the same time!


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    Everyone that posted is correct in their assumptions and suggestions. Thanks!
    Yes, I do have Secondary Click enabled. And yes, I'm going too fast and mostly likely are hitting the right side of the mouse. I'm going to turn off the Secondary Click and see how that goes.

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