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    Supplemental update, build (2 or 3?) 18G103 - HOLY COW !  new computer!
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    Supplemental update, build (2 or 3?) 18G103 - HOLY COW ! new computer!
    I recently updated to the newest supplemental update for Mojave. I came very close to updating my computer to Catalina because of the issues I was having with sleep/wake mode and in retrospect, power management issues. I did NOT want to update to Catalina for a few reasons. First, I am not a tech guy and I hate change. Second, I'm extremely paranoid of any wholesale changes to my computer. Third, there isn't anything in Catalina I'm particularly excited about.

    The first thing I noticed after the supplemental upgrade, was the sleep/wake issue was resolved. BINGO, that was my goal. The next thing I noticed was everything seemed to be working better, at least with regard to what I use it for. I found that while editing RAW files in Photos, it took about 1/4 the time. I thought perhaps Photos was also updated, but the same dramatic performance improvement was apparent when using Capture One. Cool. Next I noticed that the computer was running much cooler and the fan wasn't coming on. Never a bad thing. THEN, this morning, after forgetting to plug the computer in last night, I noticed there was only about 2 or 3% drop in battery power. Since upgrading to Mojave, I would lose 50% of the battery and it was regularly totally exhausted if I forgot to plug it in.

    I have ABSOLUTELY no idea if this is typical of the supplemental update results, HOWEVER, if your computer is running like a slug, and you are thinking about Catalina, do yourself a favor and make sure you have the most recent update.

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    Supplemental update, build (2 or 3?) 18G103 - HOLY COW !  new computer!
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    Thank you, Ken. Great feedback and interesting observations. Hope others have a similar experience.

    I'm certainly very happy with macOS Mojave.


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