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Thread: iMac 2010

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    iMac 2010

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    Aug 05, 2011
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    iMac 2010
    My iMac from middel 2010 will not allow
    a update from high sierra to a mojav or higher
    the i Mac works fine has 16gb ram and sd hard disk
    is fast enough for me.
    Is there anyway to update this iMac?

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    iMac 2010
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    Correct, the requirements for Mojave is a 2012 or newer iMac. Your machine can go up to High Sierra but no further. Your are now 2 versions behind (as is my 2009 iMac) and in another release or two, you'll find that applications will begin to want Mojave as the minimum OS and you might have to upgrade to a newer Mac.

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    iMac 2010

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    Aug 05, 2011
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    Thanks Ashwin
    I know its quite old now nearly ten years
    i dont use it very much as i use my macbook
    air for daily things bank email etc.
    And nearly all my internet is on my iPad.
    But i might buy a newer macbook pro used.

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