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    telnet handler gone wrong
    after upgrading to Catalina, my telnet via terminal is half broken. I use a homepage with telnet urls, this was working before upgrading.

    After upgrading it still opens a terminal window, but with the error: Command not found: telnet

    If I open terminal and type telnet it is there and opens without any problems.

    If I change telnet handler to secureCRT, it opens and connect to the device.

    What am I missing here ? I really miss the simple terminal window


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    telnet handler gone wrong
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    Look in System Preferences > Security, something may need to be authorized, maybe?
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    not sure, but that would also cause a problem general with telnet in terminal. If I manual try accessing the same device from the url, things are workingScreenshot 2019-10-14 at 18.56.46.pngScreenshot 2019-10-14 at 18.56.46.png

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    telnet handler gone wrong
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    Catalina doesn't come bundled with the Telnet application. I'm confirmed with a "which telnet" in both BASH and ZSH and both of them yield a "command not found" error.

    By default the Terminal launched by other programs will use BASH as the shell while you (like myself) are using ZSH as your shell.

    So, in your ZSH shell do the "which telnet" to see where it is installed. If not in the normal path like /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin and so on, that's the reason for the error.

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    Both ZSH and BASH state >
    CKA-MBP2-2:~ cka$ which telnet

    both shells work when I in the terminal type: telnet 32834

    But it will not work from url pointing to the same address

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