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    Catalina auto change to Dark Theme not working
    I updated to Catalina the other day and everything seems to be ok other then a few minor things. I just can not get the Auto Feature to switch to Dark Mode to Light to work! Night Shift works just fine but not the Auto switch into either Light or Dark mode. If I do it manually it works ok but not Auto. And my other problem is sometimes the Dock will not reveal its self when you click on it and the only way to use it is to use the F4 key to bring it up. But if you signout and sign in again it will work fine or use killall Dock command in the terminal it will work correctly. I have disabled the Autohide for now to see if it happens again. I have a 2017 iMac 21.5.

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    Catalina auto change to Dark Theme not working
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    Don't know how to respond to your problems but I have not seen those particular errors among the many I have read about occurring with Catalina. Apple has already released beta number one to the first update to Catalina so maybe your problems will go away when the first update is released.

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    I hope so. Last year when I upgraded to Mojave I no problems what so ever. I have seen these problems on other Boards (MacRumors Forum, and the Apple Support Board also seen it on the reddit Board).

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    Catalina auto change to Dark Theme not working
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    It's a bit odd TJack I know the setting you are talking about, I don't use it myself, I have Dark Mode on all the time but as there seems to be no way to schedule it manually so I assume its regulated by time, Sunrise/Sunset. So you could just check your time settings are correct. I have no idea if Night Shift would interfere with this.
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