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    2nd iMac HD , Not showing up on Host iMac ?
    Hello ,

    I have two iMac's , my main iMac ( Retina 4K , 21.5 in. 2017 ) running Mojave 10.14.6
    the second iMac is a ( 21.5 in , Mid 2011 ) running High Sierra 10.13.6.

    I could always access the hard drive from the 2011 iMac from the 2017 iMac by opening finder and both HD's where listed and I had full access to both.
    Now , I don't ! The 2011 HD is not listed anymore , both are connected to the router via ethernet cable , I have tried turning the WiFI on to see if that makes any difference , but it didn't.

    Not sure if it matters , but I have been using ShareMouse for a while now 6plus months ( so I can use both iMacs with just one keyboarder and trackpad ) also the 2011 iMac will not go to sleep manually , if I try to put it to sleep it will pop right up again.

    Thanks for any info you can provide .

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    2nd iMac HD , Not showing up on Host iMac ?
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    It may be as simple as changing the Finder > Preferences, check both the General & Sidebar tabs, and confirm that they all have "checks" in the boxes.
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