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    Catalina upgrade problem with Word and Excel.

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    Catalina upgrade problem with Word and Excel.
    So, a little while ago I upgraded my MacBook Pro from Mojave to Catalina. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!

    Several years ago I purchased a "lifetime" Office subscription that included Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note. Word and Excel are the only programs I use, and do so extensively.

    Well, after upgrading? to Catalina I found out my Word and Excel program as purchased DO NOT WORK. But I can purchase an annual subscription for the newest version. How nice of them.

    Two questions:

    1: Anyone have any suggestions on how to reload the "lifetime" subscription I paid for on Catalina?

    2: If the above doesn't work, is there any way to go back to the Mojave OS with everything intact. FWIW, I did a full backup using time machine just before loading Catalina.


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    Catalina upgrade problem with Word and Excel.
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    What version of the Office suite did you have with your "lifetime subscription" and how did you purchase it? I have the latest version of Office 365 running with Catalina without any issues.

    If the version you had was something like Office 11 or earlier, then it is not compatible with Catalina and there is nothing you can do about it.

    You need Office 365 version 15.35 or newer to have it work with Catalina.

    If you have a backup of you Mojave installation, then grab the Mojave installer, create a USB drive with it and boot into it. Once booted into the installer, erase the contents of the HD and have it restore your Time Machine backup.

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