I need help resetting the password or disabling the screen time feature on my rMBP running MacOSX Catalina.

First off, I use screen time across my devices to enforce discipline and limit my daily usage on distracting websites etc although I set each device up individually and have never chosen the share across devices option.

To make sure I can't get around this I will spam enter a password (whilst looking away) into each device when setting a screen time password. This has worked well in the past as I could hack into the encrypted backups using third party software and retrieve my password if needed. It was a process that took 15-30mins or so and meant that any changes would need to be important enough for me to set aside that time.

Here's the problem, after upgrading to iOS13 my devices no longer store the screen time password within backups and the only way to reset the screen time password is to backup your device and then restore it as a new device (the screen time setting is disabled upon restoring from your old backup and you can set it up as new again). Now, when I upgraded to Catalina I chose to enable the screen time option and it automatically used the password from my other device running iOS13 and chose to share across devices. This means that my computer is essentially useless in my main user account during down time which was set for my iOS device and not my mac! I had to wait until 10am before I could even use the web to post this!

Obviously, I need help in order to recover, reset or remove the screen time password or screen time itself. The affected user account is a non administrator and I have access to the Admin account. Are there any terminal commands I can use to disable the option completely?

I really don't want to have to backup my entire mac to a hard drive and restore it from that, I'm a mechatronic engineering student nearing exams and don't have the time for that. Any help or guidance that can point me in the right direction is greatly appreciated!