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    macOS Catalina (10.15) is now available
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    'I hope this doesn't mean I will have to pay for an upgrade'

    Not necessarily.

    As Catalina is still in it's infancy I would stick with the OS you have at present so you can continue using Account Edge. In time Account Edge may well issue a compatible version for Cataline and it is at that time you make any decisions concerning additional payment for updated software if, indeed, they do charge for it.
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    macOS Catalina (10.15) is now available
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    Prior to getting involved in beta testing of iOS versions I used to wait until the next macOS version was released before upgrading to the previous version. Right now Mojave is pretty stable and will continue to run any 32bit apps you may have. My guess is that your accounting app will be updated before September next year.
    Just be aware that there are a few considerations regarding iOS 13. If you upgrade your iPhone to the current operating system there are some functions that rely on Catalina for full functionality.
    Again there is no real need to upgrade to iOS 13 yet either.
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