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    Lightbulb Help in Recovering Overwritten File Mac Book Pro
    Last week I accidentally saved a file over a ver important document, and I lost contents of the original file. It was in MS Word.

    I searched for solutions it turned out disk drill is my best option, the other option is time machine, but apparently it had to be running before losing the file.

    Anyway, after about 5 hrs of running disk drill, I went thru the docs and found my document, when I opened it, it still contained the new content, original data is gone.

    I would really appreciate help in this.

    Thanking you in advance


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    Help in Recovering Overwritten File Mac Book Pro
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    Without a good backup (Time Machine or clone) the file has been overwritten and is gone. To prevent that from happening in the future with MS Word, open preferences, under save, select "Always make a backup".

    As far as recovering your original file - without using expensive data recovery, it's unrecoverable. Sorry for the bad news.

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    Help in Recovering Overwritten File Mac Book Pro
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    You mention Time Machine, are you saying you have never used it or that you have not run it prior to overwriting this file (like a week ago)?
    If you have never run it then it is of no use in this instance.
    Unfortunately data retrieval is expensive and a specialist area. It is unlikely you would want to pay the price for either the online or live services available.
    Really overwriting is the hardest situation to recover from so there may not be much hope.
    I personally backup all my MS office docs to OneDrive Microsoft's cloud storage and syncing service. It gives you 5Gb of free storage and for .docx files that's a lot, plus they are available on any device.
    Have a look at it on the Mac App Store. Don't go to the MS online store that just talks about Office 365 plans.
    I used to be conceited but now I'm perfect.

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    Help in Recovering Overwritten File Mac Book Pro
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    I would advise more than one backup method. I have three.

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