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    Rebuilding iCloud
    I have both an Administrator account and a “regular” account on my MBA. I use the regular account about 95% of the time. When I recently signed on to the Administrator account, I got a popup window saying, that it needed to rebuild iCloud. I said OK, and it switched to a display showing only a window which says, “iCloud [spinning wheel] Setting Up Account” and grayed-out Back and Continue buttons. The spinning wheel never seems to end. I never see the home screen. Eventually, the screen times out, allowing me to sign on to my other account, which shows no problems whatsoever. The widow immediately appears again after I sign on to the Administrator account. iCloud files (Notes, Pages, Numbers) and photos are shared/synced with 2 iPhones and my regular MBA account with no problems. I’m running version 10.13.6 on my MBA and 12.4 on both iPhones. What should I do to get my Administrator account straightened out?

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    Rebuilding iCloud
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    Have you restarted the MBA at all? How long have you left it alone to work through it?

    Things to try;

    Safe mode, Use safe mode to isolate issues with your Mac - Apple Support.
    See this article, How-To Fix Corrupt User Accounts in macOS - AppleToolBox.
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    Well, I have some egg on my face. A simple reboot seems to have cleared this up. I can sign on to both accounts on my MBA OK. After a spot-check from both iPhones and my MBA, my files and Notes appear to be OK. I don’t know what was going on, but… Thanks for your help ferrar! Sorry to bother you!

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    Rebuilding iCloud
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    You don't really need to have separate admin and "user" accounts. The first account you create has admin privileges which can use when needed or otherwise behave like a regular user.

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