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    Mac Pro cannot login with internet connection on domain
    I have a strange issue. Recently we joined this Mac Pro to the local domain and since then the current user cannot login without connecting to a network. If she unplugs from local network and logs out of her account then tries to log back in the login just spins and then brings the user back to the login screen again. I have went in System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login Options -> Allow network users to log in at login window OPTIONS -> Allow network users (instead of Only these network users) and made sure that all network users is selected. The current domain is Microsoft based.

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    Mac Pro cannot login with internet connection on domain
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    Try using the System Preferences > Network > Setup and/or Assist Me... or Advanced option > Help options.

    BTW: What OS version, wired or wireless connection and current login options in use????

    - Patrick

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    Mac Pro cannot login with internet connection on domain
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    Allow network users to log in at login window
    Lets users log in to your Mac using accounts on a network account server that your Mac is joined to.
    That is from the "?" prompt at the Login Options pane of SysPrefs/Users&Groups. From that description, it would appear that by clicking that box you are forcing only users from the network to be able to log in. So when she is not in the network, there is no network account server to give a list of acceptable users, hence, no login. What happens if you take the check from that box? Does it have to be checked to log into the network?

    EDIT: From reading that help screen I suspect that what it is for is to allow users from the network to login to the Mac, not the Mac to log into the network, so it shouldn't have to be checked for her to get into the network. For example, if the Mac were an office machine that was shared by multiple people from locations over the network, checking that box would allow that remote login. In the user's case, she is trying to log in at the machine, but the machine isn't seeing her login because the network account server is missing. Does that make sense?

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